Documents Required for Account Opening – For Overseas Incorporated Company

1.公司注册证书Certificate of Incorporation
2.公司组织章程大纲及细则 Constitution
3.董事名单 A list of the names of the directors (Register of Directors)
4.股东名单 A list of the names of the shareholders (Register of members)
5.董事﹑股东证明书 Certificate of Incumbency (发出日期为户口申请前6个月内 issued within 6 months from the date of account application)
6.董事证明书 Director Declaration
7.会计师证明书 CPA Confirmation Certificate
8.委任董事秘书及主管之公事决议 Resolution / Document for the appointment of directors, secretary and officer
9. 东主/所有合伙人/董事/实益拥有人/主要股东(行使10%以上之投票权或控制该等投票权的行使人士)之身份证明文件Identification document of Sole Proprietor / All Partners / Directors / Beneficial Owner(s) / Ultimate Shareholder(s) who own(s) at least 10% of shares
10.公司印章(如适用) Company chop (if applicable)